Psychological Safety:
The secret behind high-performing teams


Research data indicate that psychological safety, more than anything else, is critical to making a team work


We become more open-minded, resilient, motivated, and persistent when we feel safe.


80% of employees treated uncivilly spend significant work time ruminating on the bad behavior.

48% deliberately reduce their effort.

In addition, disrespectful treatment often spreads among coworkers and is taken out on customers.

Do Your Employees Feel Respected?
- Harvard Business Review


tEQuitable helps teams build psychological safety

tEQuitable is based on the proven Organizational Ombuds model, an independent, confidential, impartial, and off-the-record resource to help employees explore options for resolving conflicts, problems, or concerns in the workplace.

By using tEQuitable, employees:

BenefitAdvocate for themselves by addressing issues directly with co-workers
BenefitBuild trust and respect through increased awareness of common workplace issues
BenefitBecome better allies and advocates by learning inclusivity and advocacy skills

In this way, tEQuitable helps organizations and teams foster psychological safety which leads to better focus, higher engagement, and greater innovation. 

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