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There is a lot of exciting research and energy around helping companies improve work culture. The narrative has evolved-- beyond diversity to inclusion and belonging, beyond gender to intersectionality, and beyond hiring to retention and career development. But the list of ideas and options can be overwhelming. To that end, we’ve curated a set of resources to help you develop a culture strategy that works for your organization.

Research, Trends, and Best Practices

Tech Leavers Study

First-of-its-kind research from the Kapor Center that highlights the reasons why employees from underrepresented groups are leaving Tech. More importantly the research includes an analysis of which D&I efforts have the biggest impact on encouraging these employees to stay.

Delivering through Diversity

Going beyond the data first published in their "Why Diversity Matters" report, this new 2018 research further deepens the business case for Diversity & Inclusion and gives suggestions for how organizations can align D&I efforts with their growth and business performance goals.

Global Human Capital Trends

Although more and more leaders are recognizing the importance of diversity, inclusion, and belonging to their organization’s future, there is still a gap in what many are doing to improve workplace culture. This report identifies that training and education are not sufficient and new solutions will require “experiential learning, process change, data-driven tools, transparency, and accountability”.

Why Diversity Without Inclusion Doesn’t Work

Although many companies start by measuring what’s easy to measure (diversity by the numbers), it’s important to recognize that inclusion is what helps your company get the most out of the amazing talent you’ve attracted and retained.


We are starting to see some benchmarking studies that look at not only diversity by the numbers, but also the effectiveness of organizations’ inclusion and belonging efforts. Although the bar is not yet where anyone wants it to be, it’s encouraging that companies are providing transparency into what’s working and what’s not at their organizations.

Top Companies for Women Technologists has put together a program where Tech companies can submit their data and be reviewed against criteria for how well they support Women Technologists compared to other companies their size.

DBP Inclusion Index

The Diversity Best Practices (DBP) Inclusion Index goes beyond just Tech to other industries like financial services. Companies are not ranked against each other but rather are marked as Leaders or not based on their cumulative score.

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