We are an independent, confidential platform to address issues of bias, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.


what we do

EMPOWER employees with a confidential, trusted way to report problems and get professional guidance
QUANTIFY systemic issues, ranging from subtle, insidious slights to severe, overt discrimination and harassment
IMPROVE workplace culture, by providing effective prevention strategies and actionable recommendations

Create healthier work culture • Prevent harassment • Promote retention • Augment employee engagement • Increase diversity • Reduce risk of lawsuits

how we do it

For the individual, a sounding board

Employees use a private digital platform and confidential calls with trained professionals to get advice and an action plan that best fits their individual need.
Establish a virtuous cycle to solve bias & harassment issues
For the company, data and insights

Aggregated data is used to measure employee sentiment and identify opportunities to improve a culture that gives rise to unfair treatment.

why we do it


We envision a future where everyone can bring their whole, and best, selves to work.


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